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Give them a break

Believe it or not, kids need to unwind, too! After a long day at school, help boost your kids’ energy by giving them 30 minutes to an hour of free time before they start homework. Offer them a protein-rich snack like Tyson Any’Tizers, or let them play video games of hang out with their friends.

Help your kids prepare and organize

Set them up for success by teaching them simple ways to organize. Start by giving them a notebook or agenda so they can write down their homework assignments and plot their schedule each day. Seeing a list of their tasks will help them prioritize and use their study time wisely.

Create a homework routine

Determine a start time and estimated end time to help your kids stay on track. Set aside a distraction-free study space – a desk or table in a quiet room where your kids can spread their books out and study. And plan time to review completed assignments together. THis will help ensure the accuracy of their work, and give you an opportunity to offer praise and boost their confidence.

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